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Hunters and anglers were among the first to crusade for wildlife protection and remain some of today’s most important conservation leaders. Recognizing the importance of North Carolina’s hunting heritage, The LandTrust for Central North Carolina has developed a Sportsman’s Initiative.  Truly, our mission with the development of this initiative is to:

Connect Sportsmen to Local Conservation.”

Beginning in the spring of 2017, The LandTrust will offer a closely monitored Sportsman Access Program that will allow current sportsman members to access LandTrust-owned property for hunting. This permit draw system, much like the permitted system used by most state wildlife agencies, will allow sportsman members to select specific dates for a chance to hunt dove, deer, waterfowl, or turkey on LandTrust-owned property (this does not include privately owned conservation easements).  If a member is drawn, they will be able to hunt a designated section of LandTrust-owned property for up to a week. Dues garnered from sportsman memberships will be utilized for conservation funding. The Sportsman Access Program will give our members a chance to see their conservation dollars at work!

How Does the Access Program Work?

    • The Sportsman Access Program will be a permit draw system based on tiered membership enrollment.
    • All memberships are on an annual basis.
    • Members will be given a list of dates, and will be allowed to put in for the dates they wish to hunt during their annual membership. There are no guaranteed hunts, and hunters are putting in for an opportunity to be drawn.
    • Three random Permit Draws per year will be conducted:
          • March 1st (drawing for April-August dates)
          • August 1st (drawing for September-October dates)
          • October 1st (drawing for November-March dates)
    • Most hunts will be issued in week blocks, with no hunting on Sunday. LandTrust properties will be divided into equitable hunting units to ensure safe, quality hunts. Depending on the species hunted, there may be more or less units available to draw.
    • The LandTrust will randomly draw enrolled members for the dates available.
    • The following months will be available for hunters to select drawing dates:
          • January – Waterfowl
          • April/May – Turkey
          • September – Dove/Archery Deer
          • October – Archery Deer
          • October 30-November 10 – Muzzleloader Deer
          • November – General Deer/Waterfowl
          • December – General Deer/Waterfowl
    • There will be added opportunities to assist with wild hog management.
    • Sportsman Members are allowed to bring one youth hunter, 15 and under, with the purchase of a Leopold Society Youth Membership ($15)
    • If selected for a hunt, members will be provided with a detailed map of the property, specific rules for the hunt, and an access permission pass valid for the dates selected at safety briefing held at LandTrust headquarters before the hunt.
    • All members must possess a valid NC hunting license.
    • Specified parking areas will be designated. All access will be walk in only.
    • No permanent stands will be permitted.
    • No baiting will be allowed.
    • No dog hunting is allowed except during migratory bird hunting (dove and waterfowl).
    • Hunters are only allowed to hunt the assigned hunting units.

Click Here For Spring Drawing Results

LandTrust Access Program Properties

The Point Property, Davie County:

Click for Two Rivers Property Map

Click for Two Rivers’ Individual Block Maps

Located at the confluence of the Yadkin and South Yadkin Rivers, this 1300 acre property boasts plenty of opportunity to pursue deer, turkey, waterfowl, wild hog, and dove. With a mix of wooded areas and active agriculture, this property offers exceptional wildlife habitat!

landtrust-deer-1 point-property-5 point-property  point-property-3


















Low Water Bridge, Montgomery County:

Click for Property Map

Click for Low Water Bridge’s Individual Block Maps

Located in the heart of the Uwharries, this LandTrust Property provides nearly 1300 acres to pursue deer, turkey, and waterfowl.  The Uwharrie River runs through the heart of this parcel and native hardwoods and pines provide excellent wildlife habitat!

low-water-bridge-2 low-water-bridge-1

 Please contact Michael Nye at The LandTrust with questions! or 704-647-0302


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